Too busy to stop?

This is my poor little girl asleep in the bike trailer (which I was using as a double pushchair) yesterday, wet from where it was leaking, cold and very very tired.  When we got to the marina I peeked in and she was sitting upright, head slumped down on her neck looking incredibly miserable.

It was at this point that I realised that maybe we had done too much this week. The funny thing was that I had been congratulating myself on the monday for planning a week that was evenly balanced with home time and activities. But somewhere along the way I had made more plans, tried to squeeze in one more errand and the result? Two tired and miserable children and one very cranky Mama!

More than anything else, this post is a reminder to myself to try and not fit in so much! We only have 3 planned things every week (excluding weekends which are a whole ‘nother ball game as Dan is around); Magical Mondays (a home ed group), Sophia’s dancing lesson and a trip to the allotment. However, I also help run Brighton Sling Babies (we meet once or twice a month) and volunteer as a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter at a drop in group every fortnight. Add to this playdates at the park and seeing friends and I think we’re doing too much. Trouble is, I’m not sure what’s got to go! I do have a tendency to over commit and I hate the idea of me or the kids missing out on exciting opportunities and events but I think my current position or just trying to cram it all in isn’t working!

Sophia’s behaviour at the beginning of the week was fine, we had a lovely few days; but as the week went on she became more irritable, shouty and generally….tired! I feel like an idiot for not correlating our busy week with the decline in her usually sunny disposition! This seems to happen too regularly so have concluded that we need to slow down.  I’ve yet to decide exactly how to implement this and make changes but for the time being I think more home days are in order and I need to be more aware of when little people are getting tired. Whilst pregnant with Isaac my Ma commented that she spent a lot more time at home when she had her second child and impetuous know-it-all that I am, I didn’t take it on board…turns out that of course, she was right! (Sorry Mum!)

Always looking on the bright side though, at least I don’t need to worry about the old ‘but how will they socialise?’ concern! It looks like our problem will be making sure we don’t socialise too much!!

Whilst writing this Ecclesiastes 3 sprung to mind; I’m interpreting very loosely but there is indeed a time for everything and right now, I think I need to remember that there is a time to rest.


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