Just a quickie

You may have noticed (or you soon will if this is coming up in your Facebook feed) that I’ve changed the name and address of the blog.

Don’t worry (as if you were!); it’s the same premise, same ramblings, same blog…it’s just that the old name was driving me mad! For one thing it didn’t even make any sense. I’d set it up late at night and thought ‘floating to learn’ had a nice ring to it but the more I thought about it, the more I realised it didn’t actually mean anything!

So I thought rather than let it bug me for the duration of the blog (which will hopefully be a while) I’d get in and change it now while it was still a fairly new venture.

So ‘the starlings gather here’; a bit artsy but I like it. A reference to the birds that flock to the marina to fly in incredible formations, perch on masts and spars and choose to roost under the local pub which is suspended on stilts over the water. The kids are like starlings in a way; insanely noisy, so so messy but amazing to watch as they soar from one activity to another and take such amazing joy just from the business of living.

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