A little round up

We’ve been without internet for the past week (used up our months allowance on our Mi-Fi early-oops!) so you’ll have to forgive my absence and this post coming from my phone. I was getting ready to say that we’d had a quiet week or so since I last blogged but looking back we’ve actually been fairly busy (but not overwhelmingly so).

The weekend before last we went to Sophia’s friends rock themed 3rd birthday party. A great time was had by all though I think the adults outshone the kids on the costume front! Sophia did temporarily borrow a wig though and stopped head banging just long enough for me to get a quick snap!


The highlight for all though was the piñata, lovingly made by the birthday boy’s Mama. Watching the kids whack that ball of fun was hilarious and I was inspired to finish making the one I started for Sophia’s party next month! I was also impressed with the combination guitar/train cake and had to share….


Monday took us to our friend’s flat where we enjoyed a shared lunch and Sophia and her ‘best friend’ had fun with ink stamps and then made some beeswax candles which they then sent to their Grandma’s. I didn’t take any photo’s which is a shame because it was an easy but fun craft, one we’ll definitely do again I think. We’ve decided to try and meet once a week or fortnight specifically for craft or baking which I’m looking forward to as it was such a nice day. I saw a threading activity using play dough and spaghetti on Pyjama School that I want to try that looked like fun.

On the eve of Halloween we were invited to a party; I wasn’t sure about going at first. As a Christian we always went to ‘light parties’ and avoided the whole Halloween thing and the darkness that can surround it. However, I decided that it wasn’t really a big deal
at this age as she hadn’t even seemed to grasp that Halloween was an occasion, she just thought it was a regular party she’d been invited to. This may have been a cop out on my part but I figure we can talk about it when she’s a bit older and she had a great time at the party so think the right decision was made.

After that we’ve just been pottering, we’ve seen friends, Sophia has been playing with stencils a lot and seems to have resurrected her love of puzzles as well as wanting to play matching memory games a lot. We went to Magical Mondays yesterday where she did more stencils and today we went to a new home ed group that deserves it’s own post when we get Internet back on the laptop in a few days. Isaac has mostly been cruising, bouncing, giggling, following his sister around like a devoted puppy and snoozing….


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