It’s a Blog Hop!

Today’s post isn’t really about home education, the allotment, the boat or anything that I usually write about but is instead an exercise in taking part in the wider blogging community through a blog hop. I was tagged by homelessmummy (ta lovely!) who was taking part in a blog hop started by saltandcaramel (which incidentally I hadn’t previously discovered but now have so thank you for that!) and decided that I’d also like to join in as who doesn’t like finding new blogs to read?!

So here goes…

– who you are

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Christian, a boat dweller, a knitter, a sailor, a talker, a reader, a maker of sweet things (when I don’t burn them!), an organiser, an obsessive tidy-away-er, a musician (at least pre children!), a gardener, a breastfeeding advocate, a baby wearing enthusiast and now apparently, a blogger.

– why you started blogging

I started blogging to document our home education journey for ourselves, to share what we do with interested family and friends, to hopefully join in the ever expanding virtual world of sharing ideas and to maybe even inspire other people who are thinking about home education.

– which post you are most pleased or proud of

Having only scribed 9 posts to date, I don’t have much to work with but I think I was happiest with this post about our allotment; putting it into words reminded me why we’ve been working so hard to keep our plot and inspired me to keep putting in effort with it, even when I’d rather stay at home with a cup of tea and my knitting!

– which post had the most response (and were you surprised by this)

Ditto above but my latest post here surprised me, although no one has commented on it and it has no ‘likes’ I had several friends and members of my family talk to me about it and I was pleased that they didn’t just think I was an emotional wreck wittering away on the internet for the whole (virtual) world to see! I was also a bit scared of posting it, I felt very vulnerable having done so, so I was happy to know that I hadn’t made a mistake in doing so.

– which blogs do you like reading (include links so that we can discover EVEN more new blogs!)

I’m going to re-hop to… first because I’ve been reading her blog avidly. She’s blogging about her experiences as a single mother of two since being made homeless as they move through the system slowly. Her words move me, make me laugh, enrage me and grab my attention. Check her out!

My blogging obsession probably started with so I definitely have to mention that. I found it whilst researching home education and have followed it ever since.

I’ve recently discovered and which are both home education blogs which I really enjoy and have been drawing inspiration from.

I feel an affinity for simply because they are also a family of four living aboard a catamaran but love reading about what they are up to.

And finally, I love love love which is an Australian blog penned by my friend’s sister, she is hilarious and I think I like it especially because her stories about her eldest daughter remind me of Sophia nearly every time!

So that’s that. I have to say that I love how quickly you can get involved in the blogging community even when you are a complete noob so ta muchly!


5 thoughts on “It’s a Blog Hop!

  1. Hi, I’ve hopped over on the new bloggers blog hop, enjoyed reading you blog. Loved the post about working on your own rhythm. I think having a little one makes you more aware of the bits of yourself you’re not so keen on as you don’t want to pass them on!

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the post about balance-I was a bit nervous about it! You’re definitely right-they are such imitators, forces you to work on the bad bits!

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