Playing the waiting game

Must apologise for my lack of blogging action this past week; we’ve been all over the place and have temporarily completely diverged from the routine we had slowly established and were enjoying (although we did enjoy some biscuit making, a day at the plot and having friends to lunch instead!)

As you, my dear readers, are probably aware, we currently live on a boat. We’ve been trying to sell her for almost the last 18 months and finally gave in and put her on eBay last week. We had been planning on buying a larger boat to live on but over the last few months we’ve changed our minds and have decided that for the time being at least, we will be returning to land. The reasons behind this decision warrant a lot more than just this hasty post but boil down to three main factors I think; Dan’s health, space for the children and what I deem to be the ‘other’ category that includes many things such as wanting a bathroom that you don’t have to put coats and shoes on to get to, ditto a washing machine, being able to shop more efficiently and responsibly, being able to host friends again, having a Christmas tree (that one is on me!) and if you ask Dan, getting pet rats (an argument we’re still having)!

We had viewings over the weekend (so now have an impeccably clean home!), I’m going to view some properties in the local area over the next few days and the auction ends on Wednesday so by then we shall know one way or another where we’re going to be for a while.

I’m not going to lie, the anticipation, the waiting does not sit well with me. I like to know what’s going on. I’ve wound myself up and made myself physically nauseous by thinking about it, checking the eBay listing, thinking about it, checking the eBay listing, looking at flats on rightmove, checking the eBay listing…and on and on…

So enough! I have decided to try and just stop. Stop thinking about it. Wednesday will come, the boat will either sell or it won’t. Nothing I can do now can change that so I am just going to try and stay busy and not think about it. So apologies for the boring post but thought I’d explain my quiet. Next time I’ll bring you more fun, more pictures of the kids and hopefully, some good news!


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