A round up

After saying that we’ve been all over the place for the past 10 days in my last post, I realised that we have actually still done a fair bit so thought would do a mini round up just so I don’t feel that I’ve totally neglected the kids with all the boat drama!

Last Monday we didn’t go to our usual
home ed group as I wasn’t feeling great so I pacified a disappointed Sophia by making shortbread with her ready for friends coming to lunch on Tuesday. I think she also played with play dough a fair bit and did some cutting and sticking. Seems like a long time ago but I recall it being a very gentle and enjoyable day.

Our friends came to lunch on Tuesday and she had great fun playing with R while his Mum and I nattered over tea and (burnt!) shortbread.

Wednesday saw us at the allotment pulling weeds, weeds, weeds whilst our friend J worked on the shed. Despite the weeds I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the garlic I planted is growing and so is the purple sprouting broccoli and kale – excellent!

I was a tad embarrassed when a friend visited us with her daughter and they discovered another few dozen potatoes buried in the soil…weeks after I harvested them! In my defence, it was torrential rain as me and Sophia had been pulling them up so we may have rushed the job somewhat. Wednesday however was glorious sunshine and a good time was had by all.




Thursday saw Sophia at her ballet/tap lesson (a highlight of her week…every week!) followed by a brief stop in some local gardens before realising it was too cold for the babies and we all headed home.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with cleaning the boat, showing people round, Church and helping a friend move – busy busy busy and not much fun for the kids but they were remarkably cooperative and I think just enjoyed having Dan around for an extra day.

Another noticeable part of the weekend (for me at least!) was the arrival of my new sling in the post. My wonderfully talented Mum has made me a sweetPod soft structured carrier; it is comfortable, convenient and I think…absolutely gorgeous!!



Yesterday we looked at a few rental properties in the morning (just in case!) then headed to a friend’s house for lunch and a quiet afternoon play date. We were congratulating ourselves on the girls playing quietly together in the back room and BOTH the babies being asleep and anticipating a cup of tea and some allotment planning when the man arrived to install her blinds and woke both the babies – one of those comedy doh moments!

Today we had a quiet home day as I was feeling unwell again, Sophia did lots of puzzles, we read many many books, I watched a Winnie the Pooh movie with her whilst Isaac napped, we baked some little cakes and she spent a lot of time practising tracing letters and using stencils.


So I think that’s me up to date. Next time I post I should know if we’re staying boat bound or moving. I’ve also issued myself a knitting challenge that I’ll make public to ensure I complete it on time! Exciting times (more the boat, less the wool)!


2 thoughts on “A round up

  1. The sling is fantastic, how lovely to have such a talented mum! I’m impressed that your allotment is still workable, ours has been a foot deep in mud for the last few weeks!

    • She is amazing, the last 3 years have been peppered by her hand knits or other baby/toddler creations – I’m blessed to have her as my Mum!

      I haven’t been to the allotment this week and after the recent rain I reckon it will also be a bit of a mud fest! We do have the advantage of being at the top of a chalky hill though, water drains really well (though sometimes too well)!

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