A wooly Christmas challenge

Where has the last week gone?! I think another round up would be in order but last week was a quiet but social week with lunch with friends a few times, dancing and the Breastfeeding peer support group I volunteer at so nothing particularly noteworthy to blog. Although at the weekend Sophia surprised me by writing M’s, i’s, a’s, o’s and b’s on her etch-a-sketch. Amazing what they pick up without you knowing! And yesterday I took Sophia and her friend to our Monday home ed group where they found a game in which you have to match letters to the picture cards and they both impressed me with their sounding out skills. Good times!

But enough rambling and onto the main reason for this post…

We are spending Christmas Day with some friends who live just up the road with their daughters; Sophia’s best friend S (same friend as above) and her baby sister T (who Isaac spends his time trying to poke and grab-but with love I’m sure!)

I decided a while ago to adopt the following adage for Christmas:

‘Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read’

And as such had decided to knit slippers for my kids and S and T (to fulfil the ‘wear’ element for mine) for Christmas gifts. However it is the 27th November and I haven’t started so my challenge is to knit all 4 pairs before Christmas. It should be doable especially as the baby ones are small but there are a few things on the patterns that I haven’t done before (cabling and I cords to be precise) so am hoping I master them quickly.

I am doing these for Isaac and T; both using wool from my stash- some pumpkin worsted weight for him and a variegated DK for her with pinks, blues and yellows. The pattern calls for DK so hoping that using worsted weight for his won’t be a mistake!

For the girls I have chosen this pattern to tie in with their love of dancing. S’s will of course be done in pink (her favourite colour!) and I haven’t decided what colour for Sophia yet-she claimed blue was her favourite colour the other day but do I risk choosing blue and then her wanting pink like S?! We’ll be in Exeter next week (Dan has to work there for a week so we’re going with him) so I might actually get her to choose some wool from one of the wool shops there and just not tell her what it’s for!

So I have made this challenge public in order to give myself extra motivation to get it done in time. I’ll keep you updated.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my little man-Sophia is at her friends today so I’ve an afternoon just me and the boy which is lovely and relaxing-especially as he’s napping right now! (I hasten to add that he is asleep in his bed now…not pinning me to the sofa!)




One thought on “A wooly Christmas challenge

  1. Looks like they’ll be several late nights for you me dear (Stash up on chocolate too!!) I’m still to knit T’s baby Anabel cardi… or make the dresses! Nothing like a bit of pressure leading up to Christmas. Say after me… ‘we thrive in chaos, we thrive in chaos’ šŸ˜›

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