A week in the country


We spent the last week in a cosy cottage/house nestled in a working farm just 10 miles outside of Exeter. Dan was asked to come down here to work for the week and his work put us up here so that we could come down here. The picture above shows you the view from the back garden – quite literally in the middle of the rolling hills of Devon.

The timing was perfect as we’ve spent the last few weeks fighting off colds and possible slapped face syndrome whilst still meeting our commitments and being out and about a lot. Due to the location of the house, going anywhere other than pottering around the farm wasn’t really an option (nearest bus stop is almost an hour’s walk away) unless we went in to the city with Dan early in the morning and spent all day there (we did it on Tuesday and it was an enjoyable but long day). Consequently, this week was a week of enforced rest and convalescence and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

My tired little ones snuggling

My tired little ones snuggling

Knowing that we’d be indoors a lot I prepared last weekend with a trip to the library and got a stack of books, another book bag (this time with an emphasis on counting), some new (to us) puzzles and a pop up play tent. Add to that the drawers stuffed with games and puzzles here, the spying of cats, cows and sheep around the farm and some basic drawing materials and we had plenty to keep us occupied. It was a quiet, gentle week of  books, games, puzzles and yes…more screen time than I’d usually permit. But I figured hey, we’re on holiday (sort of!) and all feeling a bit ill so a bit more TV than usual isn’t going to hurt!

As mentioned, we had a day trip to Exeter where we met my Mum and Dad briefly and sister Julia came with us for a trip to the museum (I love the FREE museum in Exeter, we could spend so much time there!) and shops and then came back to the cottage for a ‘sleepover’. It was lovely to see her and Sophia very much enjoyed having her Aunty around.

We also took advantage of our empty lazy days to do some Christmas craft for the Grandparents…this deserves another post as it was such a lot of fun but I need to wait until after we’ve dished out the goods so I don’t spoil the surprise! We’ll see how long I last before deciding to share!


Isaac was in his element here with lots of space to crawl, climb and generally explore. Our travel stair gate didn’t fit the stairs and he quickly figured out how to safely get down the stairs FEET FIRST (as Sophia kept shouting at him)!  Despite not being able to turn my back on him for a second (he moves fast!) I found caring for two little ones so much easier in a house and really enjoyed the opportunity to do some knitting and generally relax a bit more than I usually do, especially as they have the most comfy sofas I’ve ever sat on here!




We’re prolonging our time on dry land by heading down to Dartmouth tomorrow to spend some time with Mum, Dad and Julia for a few days before heading back to Pinafore and Brighton next week for some last minute preparations before Sophia’s 3rd Birthday Party (I can’t believe my baby girl is going to be 3 in 10 days but that’s another post….)


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