3 years young!

My gorgeous girl turned three yesterday….three! The last three years have gone so fast yet at the same time, I can’t remember life before her. I’m not soppy enough to do one of those letter to her style posts (though don’t get me wrong, I do find them sweet!) but suffice to say she has changed our lives immeasurably for the better over the last three years. She is joyful, compassionate, loving, laughing (especially at her attempts to tell jokes or play tricks on us), thoughtful and wise. I have no idea where she gets it all from but she continually surprises me with her generous loving attitude (today desperately wanting to give Isaac one of her birthday presents as she’d gotten so many and wanted to share) and I am just so so proud to be her Mum.

I will save the story of her party and birthday shenanigans for another post but thought that I’d just include some photos of her from the last three years to commemorate her turning three.




Sophia's Birthday Weekend 2010 156


IMG_0356 - Copy









Playing with her present from us aged 3 exactly!


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