Nigella’s Christmas Puddini Bonbons!

This year we decided to make Christmas gifts for both sets of Grandparents; there was two-fold reasoning behind this decision, firstly that I thought it would be more meaningful to give a gift that Sophia had made and secondly, because I have NO IDEA what any of the four Grandparents would like – they genuinely seem to have everything they need!! So when I stumbled upon this recipe I knew we were on to a winner!

We chose to make them while we were in the house in Exeter as we had more space to spread out and do it and most importantly, a normal sized fridge which was essential! The recipe was incredibly easy and required few ingredients but the end result was really striking and festive so it was a good recipe for an (almost!) 3 year old to do most of herself. I won’t teach you how to suck eggs as you can clearly follow the simple recipe yourself if you chose to make these but I did document the process of making them so thought I’d share those photos.



Turns out crumbling Christmas pudding is a very sticky job!



Eager as always to do the washing up…how long will this last? Definitely making the most of it for as long as it does!


Showing super-human restraint in not licking her fingers until the decorating was finished!


Ta Da!


I made a couple extra for me and Dan to sample (as if they were foul I wouldn’t give them away!) but was not disappointed, they were chocolately, Christmassy and very indulgent – yum!

Just a quick aside whilst we’re on the topic of homemade gifts…I’m getting there with my knitted slippers, no one pair is complete but I’m confident they’ll all be done in time to be under the tree or in stockings!

I have to admit, I did start to over think the homemade gift idea, worrying that people would think we were being cheapskates…etc (in the end we just bought presents for the kids and for our friends we are spending Christmas Day with) but then a friend happened to link me to The Gift of Death by George Monbiot and it reassured me that we had made the right decision, especially as any presents we had chosen to buy would have unfortunately ultimately probably been in the ‘tat’ or ‘novelty’ category with no real meaning or sentiment behind them. Sophia really enjoyed making these gifts for her Grandparents and I reckon that’s much more important than buying them a wooden duck ornament or another cookbook that they don’t need or want.

I’d definitely recommend reading this article, especially at this time of year and will leave you with a quote from it.

‘Bake them a cake, write them a poem, give them a kiss, tell them a joke, but for god’s sake stop trashing the planet to tell someone you care. All it shows is that you don’t.’


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