A sedate Christmas, flat-sitting and an ambulance

After the excitement of Sophia’s birthday died down the anticipation and run up to Christmas was slightly marred by everyone getting sick. An odd bug whose main symptoms seem to be extreme fatigue, loss of appetite and a nasty cough. Everyone came down with it bar me so I’ve been pottering around looking after everyone.

However we still managed to have a lovely Christmas spent with friends up the road and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so calm and relaxed at Christmas! Church was attended, presents exchanged, good food eaten and mandatory viewing watched…and all in the company of dear friends.

Said friends headed off to visit family on Boxing Day and kindly let us flat sit until their return which was a blessing as everyone was still poorly and recovering is much more comfortable on dry land with a big sofa, proper beds and a bath (and far too much TV for when all too tired for anything else)!

The calmness was briefly disrupted by the out of hours GP calling an ambulance for Isaac last night after he had a very high temperature and laboured breathing but paramedics declared a trip in wasn’t necessary. I’m pleased to report that he’s looking better today already and our gentle end to the year has resumed.

Oh…and my wooly challenge? Not a complete success! I knitted (and really enjoyed doing so!) both the big girls ballet slippers and was really pleased with the result but faltered when it came to the babies. The pattern had some incorrect instructions and to be honest, when it came to the cabling was beyond me. Luckily Mum came to the reduce and knitted some for Thea using my wool for me-thank you again Ma! She also showed me another pattern and have me some wool to knit some felted slippers for Isaac which will hopefully be done before his birthday (the 18th). So I didn’t quite get there but 3 out of 4 had slippers in Christmas Day and I’ve learnt my lesson about giving myself enough time and not worrying about changing patterns if needs be.

So there you have it, a brief round up of the last two weeks for us and I’ll leave you with some photos for your viewing pleasure.







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