Limbo (but a nice one!)

Yup, that’s what it feels like. A state of inertia where nothing is really happening.

We’re just treading water.


Our worldly possessions are stacked (as a result of some Tetris like packing) in the back of our van and we’re 2 weeks into our 6 weeks of sofa surfing before we move into a new home.

I realise that that all sounds a bit negative but it’s not meant to! Quite the opposite! We’ve had a really pleasant few weeks, caring for a friends lovely home and now staying with Jo, Matt and their girls (we’ll be here for another two before heading to see grandparents).

The big girls have got on remarkably well and are being very sweet considering they’ve been together 24/7 and that Sophia is being rather over sensitive from all the upheaval. In fact, the only things they’ve really bickered about is who gets to be doctor when playing with their doctors kits and who gets the pink coaster at meal times! It’s been a glance into communal living; parenting has been easier as Jo and I have been able to tag in and out-it takes a village to raise a child indeed and in this modern day and age we might need to have a slightly different village set up but this week has shown what a difference having other adults around on a very frequent basis can have.

In fact, we’re enjoying the set up so much I suspect it is going to make it hard to leave (although I imagine Jo and family might be quite happy to reclaim their second bedroom-they really have been very kind to let us stay)!

I’ve also met Gemma’s new baby boy properly, another thing I’m going to really miss-seeing that amazing transformation from tiny bundle up climbing, jabbering child!

But we are heading to Devon this week to house hunt which is very exciting! Me and Sophia are in agreement on wanting a nice garden so we’ll see what we can find.

I feel really at peace with the move so am starting to get excited despite the sadness of leaving dear friends. I’m really looking forward to being able to see Mum and Dad regularly-it’s gonna be awesome!

On a home ed note, I’ve been trying to keep up with our letter-a-week but missed this week, no worries though-we’re in no rush. The girls have played lots of board games, read what feels like hundreds of books, made pizza and blackberry crumble, gone to the library and dance class, played with play dough and done lots of reading eggs – a fairly productive week I think!

The babies have been both cute and tiresome, standard for babies I think and Isaac has just taken off since hitting dry land, walking all round the place and even attempting a run! He’s even sitting still enough for a story or two which is awesome-I love this age, they’re just so darned cute!

But I’m aware I’m rambling so I shall bid you adieu and leave you with two pictures of cute small men (though one much smaller than the other)!



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