Some recent ‘educational’ happenings

Due to being quite literally all over the place (currently in Surrey at in-laws), not much sit down learning has taken place recently. Though having said that, at 3 I don’t think that is necessarily age appropriate or a concern for us anyway. But here are a few bits and pieces that we have been up to that have inspired conversations, informal learning and fun.

It was briefly warm enough for some trips to the park with me wearing no coat! We observed the snowdrops and crocuses and talked about how snowdrops are the first flowers to show themselves after the long winter and that they are a sign of the approaching spring. In fact, the ongoing conversations we’ve had have inspired me to find a good pocket guide to flowers and fauna so any recommendations are very welcome!



The next day was similarly warm and we went to the beach with one of my oldest friends. We had a lovely time even though Sophia tripped whilst throwing stones in the sea and ended up face down in the shallows!




The next day saw us shooting off to Surrey for a few days with my in laws before the final journey to Devon.

Sophia has been doing some painting and drawing here and has amazed me with her pencil control whilst writing words and asking how to spell certain words. It’s funny how even though I thought we hadn’t been doing much over the last few weeks she’s still been picking up and absorbing information and come along leaps and bounds. Such an amazing process to watch!



Grandad then managed to get a day off work and we had a day out which was lovely; it was freezing so we took the kids to soft play and then went to see the war machine from War of the Worlds in Woking. We had started the day with Grandad telling Sophia about War of the the Worlds and listening to some of the music so she spoke a lot about Martians and stories and orange skies all day! We had hoped to pop by Horsall Common on the way home to see where they landed but kids were too tired in the end.

Dan then joined us for the weekend and after an indoor picnic we went to the Look Out in Bracknell Forest with Grandad and Uncle Ed. We spent most of our time there in their science/observatory rooms which house lots of hands on discovery and experiment stations. Sophia and Isaac enjoyed themselves, I think Sophia liked the giant Lego bricks and supermarket the best and Isaac loved the light and colour room! I’d definitely recommend going if you’re in the area. And the view from the top of the tower was amazing!




So we’re off to my parents in Dartmouth tomorrow and then next Saturday we finally move into our new house in Topsham! It’s been a long transitory period and is starting to take it’s toll on us all but the kids for the most part have been amazing and we’re just excited about our new adventure!

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