We’re here!











So we’re here, unpacked and adjusting to life ashore in a new area of the country!

To stave off the missing of certain Brightonians, we have jumped in with both feet by exploring the area thoroughly, attending 2 play groups and a dance class…all in a week alongside unpacking! It hasn’t been entirely successful as a certain young lady is fairly regularly reminding me of how much she misses her best best best BEST friend but despite this she seems to be enjoying herself.

Both the kids and Dan and I are really enjoying being on land again. Having a bath, a separate bedroom and a washing machine are things not to be underestimated! The household bills we haven’t had to pay for the last 2 years haven’t been quite as welcome but it’s swings and roundabouts.

But best of all, for the kids and me at least, is the garden! I feel like I’m stepping into an illustration from a Shirley Hughes book whenever I go outside. It’s long and narrow with lawn, beds for growing veg and some fruit trees, all lined by a crumbling protected cob wall. To me it is a quintessentially British garden and we’ve been spending time each day in it, me weeding and preparing for planting, Sophia digging for potatoes and Isaac eating soil. Bliss! I’m looking forward to warmer longer days and spending lots more time in it.

I’m aware it’s late and this post isn’t really going anywhere but just wanted to quickly check in and update.

I’ll concoct a ‘proper’ post soon but for now, we’re in Topsham, feeling satisfied with our choices and blessed but tinged with the melancholy that accompanies leaving precious friends behind.


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