A busy week

We’ve now been here two weeks and it feels like we’ve always been here!

We had a pretty busy week this week, last Saturday my Mum and Dad came over for an early Mother’s Day dinner. Whilst they were here I had a trial shift at a local pub so along with Dan they took the kids to a bike shop to buy Sophia’s first bike.

I was slightly frustrated when I heard that the man helping them assumed she’d only want a pink bike, showing Dan plenty of pink bikes that were out of our price range until Dan wandered off to look at others and he said ‘oh! Are other colours an option?!’ Sophia came home with a shiny red bike complete with bell and box. You couldn’t wipe the smile off her face!

Unfortunately the heavens opened on Sunday so we couldn’t christen the bike at the park but on Monday it had stopped raining enough (though was very cold and windy) to go to the park for a quick cycle. I was impressed with how quickly Sophia got the knack of cycling-felt quite emotional and proud!


My old school friend came for an impromptu visit and lunch once we were home and it was lovely to see her again and know that we’ll get to see more of her now we’re living close by.

On Tuesday we checked out our local library – a sweet little place – and stumbled upon a small singing group. The best bit of this was that Sophia and another girl clicked and had a lovely time playing together and we even organised a play date off the back of it.

Wednesday we had to stay in for the gas man and plumber but we were blessed with beautiful sunshine and warmth so we spent a good amount of time in the garden. Sophia and I sowed our carrot seeds whilst Isaac slept and then we just enjoyed spending time out there (even if Isaac did eat copious amounts of soil!)

Thursday saw us at play group in the morning and Sophia trialled a local dance class in the afternoon. In between we sowed some tomato and basil seeds and they are now on our windowsill, busily doing their thing beneath the surface.

Then finally, yesterday we went to Exeter to trial the other dance class (think we’re decided on the local one though now) and then came home for an afternoon of playing with Sophia’s new friend.

So now it’s Saturday morning and we’re all feeling quite worn out so a quiet weekend is in order I think (although I am working tonight and a split shift tomorrow)!

Next week we start our forest school group and have been invited to meet a few home ed families in the area so we’re looking forward to that! And then, before we know it, it will be Easter and Jo, Matt and the girls will be with us-awesome!

Sorry for the slightly boring post, just wanted to keep a record of what we’ve been up to.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Isaac whose favourite activity currently is brushing his two teeth…cute! (Though I am biased…)


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