Winning worst ever blogger award is….

Probably me! Over a month since my last blog…that is very bad form.

We’ve been busy; being ill, having friends to stay, being ill and visiting friends in Brighton.

I feel like I have both everything and nothing to say. My head is spinning with things at the moment; whether we can get a mortgage, whether to continue down the home ed route, whether doula training is the right option for me right now, music, the garden, mild nostalgia for being child free (don’t get me wrong-I love life more now than ever before, just getting a bit wistful for not being able to up and go with just Dan) and why do we all keep getting ill?!

Probably better just to spam you with pictures rather than ramble on too much more tonight.

How do we have 6 children between us?! Madness!





1st and 4th birthdays! Beautiful dress made by the lovely Mama Jo for Sez face and I just about finished my cardy for Thea (don’t worry, I re did buttons so ribbing matched!)






General ‘it’s been summery and gorgeous but we’ve been poorly so just chilling and enjoying being outside in our shady garden’ pictures.

So…not my best post. But I’ll endeavour for a thought provoking, meaningful jobby soon.

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