Switching off

I’m putting my lacklustre blogging down to fully living in the moment this last month…or at least attempting to!

I am joyfully embracing this summer where the days roll into one, we live on BBQ’s, fresh fruit and ice creams, and we spend so so much time outdoors…in gardens, pools, forests, at the park, the beach…

I had started writing a post two months ago about how I need to switch off. I was finding myself almost permanently attached to my phone; checking Facebook, reading blogs, texting, replying to emails…etc I realised I was not fully in the present with these gorgeous little people that just want me to delight in the small things with them but couldn’t understand why I was being vague and vacant.
I’d get frustrated with them, and what for? Distracting me! Ridiculous eh and embarrassing to admit. So I’m making a conscious effort to put my phone down and commit fully to these lovely little monkeys and unsurprisingly, we’re all happier and more chilled as a result! Granted, it might be more challenging when the weather keeps us indoors more but I’m hoping the good habit will have stuck by then.

I do still have it handy for snapping pictures though which is just as well because it means I can share with you some of our recent escapades!



A lovely post-work trip to the beach during the heat wave. Just a perfect evening.


Swimming and picnicking on Dartmoor to escape the heat, love having it on our doorstep.




Forest School and gardening fun







Miscellaneous trips out, pottering indoors, seeing friends.

I’m switching off, not over thinking what’s next, trusting it all to God and just enjoying the here and now.

Life is good right now.


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