Creation Fest

We have spent the last five days camping in our new-to-us bell tent at the Royal Cornwall Showground attending Creation Fest, a Christian music festival.

It was the most relaxing holiday we’ve had in years, helped partly by our very comfy hobbit home (as my Mum called it), partly by the beautiful setting, partly the welcoming but undemanding activities put on by the festival and more than partly because of my absolutely ace Mum and Dad who did a lot of grandparenting this week, allowing us a fair bit of rare and appreciated childfree time!

The picture above is the only one I have of the week (apart from one of wind turbines) which was somewhat due to my phone having no battery for most of the week but also felt like an unconscious move into switching off, I was having far too much fun to be taking pictures of it!

We played on scuttle bug, the balance bike and skateboard a lot around our tent and the site, went to meetings, watched bands, the kids jumped on bouncy castles, Dan hit the skate park (specially built for the festival) and just generally relaxed as a family. It was lovely.

On Wednesday we left the site for the day to hire bikes and cycle part of the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow where we locked up and went to the beach for a picnic, swim in the sea and some epic castle making and people burying. Upon our return we had a fish and chip supper by the River Wade.

We saw an amazing band twice this week called The Grenaways who I would definitely recommend checking out. They are a fairly new Cornish folk band and we were really inspired by them. Whenever people have mentioned Christian bands before I’ve only ever been able to think of folk like DC Talk and Delirious! who, whilst great in their own way, are overtly Christian so it was great to hear talented musicians who were making music that could appeal to anyone, regardless of their faith.

The teaching at the festival was solid but I especially enjoyed Joel Turner who made a lot of sense. I think we all heard things we needed to this week, God is good to us like that!

But anyway, I feel like I’m starting to ramble and this is turning into a review so will finish up! Basically, a good week was had by all šŸ™‚

(A good reminder of renewal energy sources, especially in light of the Balcombe anti fracking protests)


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