In our garden

Apart from a few carrots and the tomatoes which are slowly turning red everything we planted earlier in the year has either been harvested or failed. We’ve had varying degrees of success and I thought if I made notes here then I might remember what to do differently next time.

So, first up…our garlic. I had such high hopes for it at first, it seemed to be growing really well and I was so smug. But then all the leaves started to wilt and turn yellow, I pulled them and found this:


I am no expert but it looks like they just stopped growing. Each head is just one big clove. We’ve been using them in our cooking and they taste good but I’m so disappointed with their failure to thrive.

Next up, our carrots.

As you can say, beyond teeny tiny! Comedy carrots if you will. Again, no real idea what happened apart from that I planted them quite late as I was trying to avoid frosts but it was still pretty cold so maybe too cold for them?

Our potatoes have done slightly better though the harvest isn’t as large as I’d hoped considering how many plants I planted. I think I know where I went wrong though, I didn’t earth them up many times and they were in a narrow bed so I think they didn’t have enough space. Still, a decent enough amount. We used them in our roast on Sunday and they were scrummy and we still have a fair few left.



Our tomato plants have produced a lot of fruit and we’re just waiting for them to turn red but I forgot to nip out the bottom branches when they were smaller so they are towering beasts with lots of yellowing leaves. Oops! Still, tomatoes a plenty so I’m happy. Now if I could just stop Isaac picking the green ones we’d be set!



Our sunflowers had a happy life and we’re just starting to harvest the heads for seeds so that’s exciting.


The last successful venture, which I can claim no credit for, is the fruit trees at the bottom of the garden. No plums yet but lots of apples, I don’t think they’re at their peak yet but we couldn’t resist picking some! Lots of fun to be had!




Finally, our complete failures…the onions never made it past wispy stage and the squash never made an appearance. I have a theory that the incredibly cold spring might be to blame for some of our veggie fails but there might be nothing in that. Hopefully, next time will be better!

But now I have 5 empty beds and no idea what to plant so please give me ideas! I’ve heard I can plant Brussels and purple sprouting broccoli now so gonna give that a try once we make it to the garden centre for seeds. And possibly more garlic although perhaps that’s meant to be later in the year? More research to be done methinks!

But all in all, we’ve had fun with our first into vegetable growing in the new garden and looking forward to keeping going with it.

(Taking a well earned break!)

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