Late season camping

Last week saw us zoom to Burnbake Campsite, just outside Wareham, for a few nights camping. I think we managed it just as the seasons were turning and escaped any particularly wet or cold weather.

The campsite is incredible, a turn up and pitch site with a wide range of pitch options-under the trees like we chose, by a stream, out in the open or hidden away in a corner of the forest. The facilities were pretty decent, there were rope and tyre swings dotted all over the place, a lovely playground and lots of forest to explore. Most importantly for Dan, fires were allowed (though only in containers like fire pits due to fire safety).




We had chosen the site because we wanted to be near Wareham so we could hang out with our lovely friend Gemma and her boys who was visiting her parents from Brighton. It was lovely to spend time with her and her family were awesome at showing us some beautiful local areas. On wednesday, we helped celebrate her birthday by exploring and picnic-ing in some woods they dubbed Magic Woods (sorry Gem, can’t remember what they’re really called). We all loved it but perhaps Dan more than anyone…




I just wish we had had more time to explore, the beaches of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset are renowned for their beauty but we only had one full day and it was a bit cold for swimming with kids anyway. We have resolved to go back next year for longer and a proper explore. We did manage to fit in a cuppa and birthday cake on our way home and Sophia enjoyed some cuddles with scrumptious Seb though!

It was lovely to see Gemma, Etti and Seb (and her parents!) and lovely to get away for a few nights in our beloved bell tent in such beautiful and peaceful surroundings. It confirmed how amazing bell tents are and helped us refine what else we might want for comfy camping-an awning and wood burning stove are on the list for next year.

Going supermarket free: update
Rather than a separate post, thought would just give a quick update here. Whilst away we ended up in Sainsburys twice for various bits and bobs which I was a bit gutted about but other than that, we’ve remained supermarket free so I think it’s going well. We’re mostly enjoying trying weird and wonderful recipes with our veg box but would strongly recommend you don’t try cauliflower base pizza- yuck!!

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