Thoughts on Four

Tis the eve of Sophia’s 4th birthday and I’m beavering away in the kitchen attempting a rainbow cake (baking SIX separate cakes before I even get to decorating…the word you are looking for is tedious) as requested by the birthday girl.

I glanced over at the presents waiting to be wrapped and it’s struck me again just how old four is. And I know, I know, all the people with older/grown up/grand/ children will say something like ‘you just wait until they are16/leave home/get married/have kids…etc’ but hear me out.

When a child turns 3 they often don’t have a good grasp on verbal communication,  bladder control, self care or particularly meaningful thoughts but visit that child a year later and crikey, things have changed. They’re no longer a baby,  they can hold a decent conversation (even if it does involve their supposed day trip of walking to Australia and back!), have a basic level of self care and a wider understanding (and often concern) about people and the world around them.  They are old enough to go to school if that is the choice you make and generally have graduated from the category of babies and toddlers to children.

It’s remarkable and a little scary. I often look at and listen to Sophia and wonder how I missed the change. And of course I didn’t but it was so gradual I didn’t notice it until I stopped to reflect.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to make the mistake (again) of expecting more than she is capable of. Ongoing, often daily,  tantrums are a reminder that she still needs my help a lot in dealing with frustration and disappointment,  especially when tired. But I’m not going to underestimate her either.

This girl of ours, she’s a keeper. She is an absolute pleasure to hang out with, is filled to the brim and overflowing with love and laughter,  is ridiculously clumsy (just like her mum!) but so resilient with it, is so smart she outwits me most of the time and more than anything just exudes a genuine warm and concern for others well being. I am so proud to be her mother.

Baby girl Sophia, we love you.

Am hoping you have a most excellent birthday tomorrow.

P.S Sorry for the mush folks, normal service will resume shortly.


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