I couldn’t let the weekend slip away without pausing to savour the magic of a small birthday just for a moment longer.

Our gorgeous little man was two yesterday!  A group of friends and family kindly indulged me and we spent a very cold and wet morning at Haldon Forest doing the stickman trail (inspired by the Julia Donaldson book). We warmed up with hot drinks,  chips and a train birthday cake (not quite as successful in my mind as Sophia’s rainbow cake but equally well received) before heading home to chill and play with lots of new things!




It was such a lovely day and I think Isaac enjoyed himself as he’s been singing happy birthday and muttering about cake all day today!

I can’t believe he’s 2 already.  He really is turning into a little boy in front of our eyes. He’s mellowed out after a rather manic first year although has recently started some spectacular tantrums but evens this out by just radiating cuteness!

Although he loves a bit of rough play he’s generally very sensitive,  gentle and a kind thoughtful little peeson. He’s a joker though,  loves to laugh and to make us laugh. He’s eager to be involved in everything (much to Sophia’s annoyance sometimes) and is a real delight to be around. He is such a blessing in our lives and just a real joy.

We love you so much little man. Happy Birthday (for yesterday! )


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