The view from our front door

In the last four years we have opened our front door to five different landscapes but I’m rather hoping we’ll stick with our new one for a fair few years before moving on again.


Idyllic,  no?

Granted we can’t actually (safely) walk anywhere from it because it’s so rural but jump in a car and we can be in the local village within a minute or two and Exeter in fifteen. I’m feeling like we really have managed to get the best of both worlds with the house here, quiet and secluded with lots of space to grow and play outside but with friends and groups and ‘amenities’ near enough.

We moved on saturday and with the help of my lovely parents it was an incredibly smooth move, we had everything in by 4pm and now, three days later everything is unpacked bar one box.

The great thing about renting is that if living in the sticks doesn’t work out we can meekly return to suburbia without losing out on much. But my gut says that won’t be the case.

Waking up and opening the curtains to see nothing but rolling hills is something I can’t imagine tiring of. Today we spent the morning pottering in the garden,  saying hello to the chickens, planting some seeds, spotting the rather shy fish, exploring the stream,  saying hello to the chickens (again!) and generally just enjoying being together in our peaceful surroundings. 

After getting back from Sophia’s violin lesson last night, darkness had crept in and upon parking we opened the door to the most amazing sky full of unbelievably brilliant stars which made me stop and catch my breath. I’m almost pinching myself about the whole thing, it feels like a dream come true or that there’s some awful catch that no one has told us about yet!

So from terraced house in a big city, a temporary gorgeous view over Chichester harbour,  a couple of years in the boat parking lot that is Brighton Marina, a year on the quaint but busy Topsham high street to finally, hopefully many years of rolling countryside as far as the eye can see. If you’re in the area, pop in and join us for a cuppa!

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