The right headspace

After spending an amazing three days on the nurturing birth doula course (more about that in another post) I’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of things.

I’ve feverish little people to tend to (priority numero uno!), a post course module to complete (and start…), a garden to plan,  a month of space themed activities at our home ed group looming, shifts at the pub, knitting projects, a scrapbook to get stuck into and alongside all this normal housework and the job of being Mum.

Yesterday morning I was feeling stroppy and overwhelmed so I got out my running shoes and escaped for 45 minutes of exploring the glorious countryside around me. I came back with a fresh perspective and feeling more relaxed about what I had to face.

I realised two things. Firstly that for better or worse, my mood often seems to dictate the prevailing mood in our home. If I’m foul tempered and stomping around it seems to rub off on everyone else and before long we’re all festering in grumpiness. Maybe it’s because I’m the loudest or maybe it’s because my presence is a constant but the children really are my mirror!

And secondly,  I realised that worrying wasn’t going to mean that things got done any more quickly.  I realised that anything important would get done as and when it needed to and anything else probably wasn’t such a big deal anyway.

Everyone has seasons in life when they have more on than they’d really like, one too many balls up in the air, an extra plate to keep spinning. Some of it might come down to practical restrictions,  not enough hours in the day,  some of it might be emotionally crippling. But from my (albeit limited) experience I reckon the key to surviving these seasons is all in where your head is at, what attitude you have. Negativity breeds more but when you smile the world smiles with you.

So that’s why although I’ve been pinned to the sofa by poorly small folk needing hugs all weekend instead of being out enjoying the sunshine or getting on with my ever growing to do list I’m choosing to embrace the cuddles and my role as nurse for as long as they need me.

(A big thank you to my amazing friend Jo for the inspiration for this post, she always knows the right thing to say to me.)

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