Growing Plans

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mum’s out there reading this. I hope you’ve all had a most lovely day. You definitely deserve a day to have your relentless hard work and unstoppable flow of unconditional love acknowledged, I really hope it has been.

I’ve had what can only be described as an idyllic day. After being brought breakfast in bed, a lovely handmade card and a most thoughtful present we proceeded to church before spending the afternoon pottering in the garden enjoying the gorgeous sunny spring day.

This was particularly well timed as I’ve been meaning to write about our new garden for a while. I still can’t quite get over how blessed I feel to have such an amazing outside space and to have a knowledgeable, friendly and thoroughly lovely landlady happy to share advice and seedlings alike.

We are waiting on a delivery of 7 tonnes(!) of manure this coming weekend so haven’t been able to do lots but have been getting things ready in preparation. We planted our onions and garlic in one of the raised beds last week, have taken advantage of Aldi’s cheap fruit bushes and planted three blackcurrant bushes, tidied up our flower bed, got copious amounts of potatoes chitting and are cultivating an indoor greenhouse with the amount of seeds planted and seedlings growing.

If you look carefully in the last picture you’ll spot the owl nesting box on the side of the house which has caused Sophia huge amounts of joy and excitement. Just before we moved we had a book out of the library on barn owls which had a section on nesting boxes. Sophia was enamoured and I promised to ask our landlady about putting one up so I was very pleased to discover there was already one here. Unfortunately, no owls have used it yet (though alarmingly hornets have a few times and had to be destroyed) but here’s hoping one will soon.

In fact we’re surrounded by a veritable abundance of animals here which the kids are loving. There are bats that visit the roof that we’ve yet to see, pheasants that regularly strut in the fields, goldfish and koi in the ponds, our landlady’s cats that often nose round and of course, the beloved chickens that we end up visiting several times a day and are the reason both of my children have stopped eating their crusts! We’re planning on rescuing some of our own soon at which point I think Isaac will either explode with happiness or just move in with them.

Anyway, I digress. Growing things is where I was slowly going. A friend of mine has dedicated her growing this year to that which is expensive to buy or hard to source. I however had no real plan but now wish I had! We’re growing tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, blackcurrants, squash (hopefully!), cucumbers and sweetcorn which I guess fall into the pricey category usually so I’m happy with that. We’ve got potatoes going in soon which is great because I do love growing potatoes but we dedicated a whole bed to onions and garlic which I’m slightly regretting. They’re both so cheap to buy, even in farm shops, that I suspect I should have put the bed to better use. But this is only my fourth year of growing and I’ve still lots to learn so I’ll know to be more considered in my growing plans next year.

Nonetheless, I’m loving spending so much time outdoors and the kids are very enthusiastic budding gardeners which is lovely to watch. What are you growing in your garden or at the plot? I’d love to hear!

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