The sun has appeared and our annual migration from inside to outdoors has occurred.  And not a moment too soon!

This week has been pleasantly filled with a few days in the garden; sewing, digging, planning a pea den, painting the floor and playing with water and friends, a trip to Dawlish beach, lunch at friends followed by the park and garden center (for more seeds!) and the most amazing easter egg hunt at our friends place during a  gorgeous afternoon which also featured feeding lambs, lots of cake and Sophia getting a chance to ride her friend’s Shetland pony-something I think she’s still buzzing from!


(Our increasingly cocky – geddit! – neighbours)

We’re currently in Dartmouth for Easter with my family and judging from the weather, an indoor egg hunt after church. All in all, it’s been a thoroughly delightful week!

It’s been refreshing and somewhat restorative as I’ve been in a funny mood these last few weeks as I think about how life in the country, home education, doula work and Dan’s work fit together-or indeed if they do at all. I’ve felt a bit overwhlemed as we’re trying to meet the needs of all 4 of us and make the best decisions for all of us.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Sophia has asked for a timetable and to do a ‘lesson’ everyday at home. That’s absolutely fine but after 4 years of no structure and a lot of emphasis on seeing friends and going places I think it’ll take a bit of time for both of us to get used to having a bit more of a rhythm to our days (despite me trying several times previously)! I love the idea of routine but actually often struggle to stick to it so it’ll be a learning curve for both of us. I think it’s funny that for us, a child led education will actually be quite structured!

I think part of my odd mood is also slightly due to feeling that the future is a bit of an unknown. I’ve no idea how long we’ll home educate for, if we’ll ever manage to buy our own home, if I’ll be able to get enough work as a doula. So many unknowns. It’s becoming a bit of a joke that a lot of my posts end by pondering the importance of living in the moment but it’s obviously something I struggle with! I remember my Dad saying when I was younger that I live from one big event to the next and spent my life looking forward to things rather than just enjoying life day by day. I think I’m better than I used to be but still struggle with the big unknowns. But I’ll get there, slowly and surely, step by step.

But rather than leave you on such a glum note I’ll finish by wishing you all a very happy Easter. Whether you’re celebrating that Jesus died for you and is now alive (hurrah!) or whether you’re just enjoying the long weekend and chocolate I hope you’ve had a great day.


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