Friends for life


When we left Brighton over a year ago Jo and I were concerned about the girls would react. Other folk gently advised that at the tender age of 3 it was unlikely that they would remember or be particularly bothered.

The photo above was taken yesterday and the girls would still identify as best friends, proof that some friendships are strong from the earliest of years with the potential to last a lifetime.


(The girls 2 years ago in Brighton)

For some reason, them leaving this time was especially hard. Silly really,  in the 14 months we’ve been gone we’ve been back to Brighton three times, had four visits from Brighton friends and even gone camping near Gemma’s family in Dorset so we could spend some time with her and her boys.  So it’s not like we’re not seeing them much!

I guess it’s just because we had such a lovely few days with them. The kids played harmoniously, we knitted and talked off grid dreams, we paddled in our stream, explored Haldon forest and our local park and the adults even managed an evening of eating cheese and playing the BN1 boardgame. Just perfect.

We love our life in Devon, especially now we’re in the Barn but the friendships we’ve left behind make it hard not to have a sense of longing to return sometimes.

Some friendships come and go, some are casual, some are through circumstance and then there are those rare but special friendships that run deep and true, where you’re as close as families. Jo, Gemma and their associated menfolk and kidlets are like that to me-love you ladies! Thanks for coming Jo, until we’re all living in the woods we’ll make do on snatched days every few months.

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