Capturing a moment

After a busy but lovely trip to Paignton Zoo yesterday and with a big girl suffering a bout of tonsilitus, today has been a very quiet one. But we’ve had a lovely day nonetheless and I wanted to record it after being stuck in an apparently endless (but obviously not) cycle of sibling bickering and 4 year old meltdowns where I seem to be stuck in a loop; please don’t shout at your brother,  have you actually asked/talked to him, guys just CALM DOWN.

Whilst I took Isaac to church this morning Dan and Sophia worked on her new book that she was very kindly given after the trip to the zoo yesterday.  I think it was the perfect activity for someone feeling a bit poorly and she was proud of herself for having done most of the construction herself.


After lunch we transferred the butterfly chrysalides from the pot into their hatching container and hung it from the window much to the excitement of both the kids.


Then Isaac accompanied me whilst I weeded my onion and garlic bed and planted out some dwarf broad beans into one of the beds. Whilst out there we heard some very noisy cows so went for a walk down the country lanes near us in search of them.

I was impressed with his walking as we meandered a good half mile down the road chatting about tractors, animals and keeping a keen eye out for elderflowers. To my joy we spotted a bush and tree just yards from our driveway but they’re still not out yet and I’ll need a stepladder to reach them! I’m thinking it could be a family endeavour next weekend!

Much to Isaac’s delight we found a field of cows and another of sheep to say hello to. He didn’t want to leave until I suggested picking a bunch of wild flowers for Sophia on the way home. He took to this task with utmost enthusiasm and proudly presented them to her upon our return. She was incredibly happy and grateful and said smelling them makes her feel much better. And this was really the moment I wanted to capture, a loving gesture from brother to sister, received with gratitude and recripocated with love. There are days when it seems they can’t stand each other but I try to hold tight to these moments;  where one has cared for the other, when Sophia reads to Isaac, when they disappear to play some complicated secret game which engages and satisfies them both. There are a lot of these moments but it’s easy to let the shouting,  the snatching,  the crying,  overshadow them. They are growing not only as individuals but as siblings,  figuring out how to live alongside each other and how to enjoy each others company. And when they get it right, it melts my heart to watch.



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