In our garden

The garden has been slightly neglected of late, I’ve been watering the tomatoes, peppers and strawberries daily and as I do I keep spotting more and more jobs that need doing; potatoes need earthing up, onions and garlic need weeding, peppers need planting out, peas need guidance…. 

This week though, enough was enough. I’ve been grabbing ten minutes here and there, where I can to get some of the jobs done. And whilst doing it have been taking stock of where I’m at which is probably roughly where I thought I’d be right now! The potatoes (main crop King Edwards) are doing remarkably well, I can’t earth them up fast enough and they’re about to flower. The pumpkins are doing very well but the broccoli that was planted in the same bed is a no show. I was a bit lazy and planted the seed straight into the bed which I don’t think I should have done because our soil, even with added manure and compost is fairly unforgiving. The blackcurrant bushes and leeks are doing well though and the dwarf beans are trying to survive despite being ravaged by slimy intruders. The carrots were also a total no show but the onions and garlic are doing incredibly well which makes me happy! Our tomatoes are slowly but surely getting there, they are much smaller than our landlady’s (who they share a greenhouse with) but a different variety and they are starting to flower so it’s all good. Our peppers are thriving and I’m just deciding when to make the scary decision of planting them out…I really don’t want them to die! Our strawberries are producing copious amounts of fruit although they seem to be of a small alpine variety rather than the traditional plump  British that we envision with cream and champagne. The kids though, could care less, they are still very much enjoying munching them. I’m on my third planting of sunflowers…apparently they’re a tasty treat! So am going to let them get much bigger before they go out in the flower beds. And finally, our pea den is doing very well, peas are slowly and steadily climbing, runner beans aren’t doing as quite as well but hopefully will still be fairly productive. 



Phew. That was a bit of a brain dump. Apologies dear readers. I just wanted to have some notes for later in the season and/or next year! 

It feels like summer has finally hit and we have been very much enjoying it! Sophia had a dip in the sea at Torquay on Monday after we saw the Philharmonia Orchestra for the concluding part of an installation and events called iOrchestra. Isaac, oddly, couldn’t be persuaded to even put a foot in the water – very unlike him! Tuesday and wednesday  we mainly pottered at home and in the garden but also took a walk down the lane to hunt for more elderflower (it’s finally here and EVERYWHERE). I’ve just set to work on our fourth batch! (3 cordial, 1 ‘wine’…) It’s so easy to do and so yummy, we’re going to have a fair few in the freezer to keep us going which was my intention so I’m pretty happy with that! 

Today we went back to Topsham for the day; it was lovely! We had a picnic in the little park, went for a swim, had an ice cream and fed the ducks and then me and Isaac chilled out whilst Sophia was at dancing. It all felt rather idyllic and made me miss Topsham quite a lot! I saw and chatted to lots of folk and realised that I really miss the sense of community that Topsham has. I love love love where we are now but it is a bit lonely in that respect. But I guess we’ll have to just make sure we make a conscious effort to keep our ties with Topsham despite not living there anymore. 



I’ve been feeling a bit drowned by the kids this week. They seem to be going through a phase of being incapable of independent play or occupying themselves without my input and it’s pretty frustrating!! Dan (and articles on the internet) has been gently reminding me that this is just a season and one that I’ll probably miss when it has past. And he is probably right. But I would so like to be able to go to the toilet without having to mediate through the door or answer numerous inane questions whilst in the shower! 

Anyway, I realise this is a pretty rubbish post, all rambling and incoherent. My apologies (for the second time)! We’re off camping soon so I might go a bit quiet (though will try and update) so until next time, enjoy the sun and be well! 

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