Location, location, location…

…or is bigger always better?

A new friend came round today with her daughter and in the course of conversation our varied choice of living abode over the last few years came up. She asked me if I thought living in a bigger space was better for raising children? It was an interesting question and has been playing on my mind as I’ve been pondering the issue of location.

Sophia occasionally asks to  move back to Brighton and today asked to return to Topsham on the basis that she misses her friends. I pointed out that we would be going to Topsham tomorrow and that we saw some friends on Monday and have a date to see some more on Friday so it isn’t like we aren’t seeing people regularly and if that we moved we wouldn’t be able to have chickens and the stream…etc. She was appeased, although she’s such a social creature I don’t know how long for.

I think living in a bigger house with so much outside space definitely makes life easier. There’s more room for the kids to separate if they need their own space, for Dan to work in peace even when we’re having a home day and having such a varied and large outside space for two little ones that thrive outside is amazing.

But is community more important?

I’m so tired of driving absolutely everywhere. I miss being able to walk to the park, the pool, a friends house. Don’t get me wrong, I love our house and our life here but I just wish I could have it all (so so cheesy, apologies!) There’s not really much point to this post, I don’t want to move again but I don’t have an answer to really missing the last two communities we’ve lived in.

What wins out for you? Having friends and utilities nearby or living in your ‘perfect’ area (be that coast or country, mountain or lakeside)?



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