Growing Up

The simple matter of a haircut made me rather emotional this week.

Sophia has been bugging me for weeks to get her hair cut. Every day when the time came to brush her hair we had screaming, tangles galore and a miserable girl and frustrated Mum. But I was reluctant. I’m not sure why. I guess she’s always had long hair and when it is brushed and clean, for a few minutes it looked gorgeous, a mane of golden brown hair cascading down her back. The reality though was that within minutes, regardless of whether we tied it up or not, it more resembled the hair of an urchin. She could have had a part in Oliver Twist!

And so, whilst in Topsham yesterday and with a kind friend who offered to look after Isaac, we made a last minute trip to Topsham Hair Design. We’d spoken about it and Sophia had decided she wanted a bob with a fringe. I’d spent a fair while making sure she wanted such a drastic change but she was adamant. And so it was that yesterday she went from this…

sophia old hair


to this…

sophia new hair


I still can’t get over the difference! But she was right, it suits her and now hair brushing is effortless and quick. She loves it so I’m happy!

What was also pretty cool was that because she was having so much hair chopped the hairdresser kept the ponytail and thinks it will be long enough to donate to Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides real hair wigs to children suffering hair loss. We tried to explain it to Sophia but I’m not quite sure she got it, I thought it was ace though.

I think what made me emotional though was the realisation that she was old en0ugh to make her own decision about her appearance and was confident that it was the right decision. I know it’s silly but you go from making every single decision for your child to eventually trusting them to make their own decisions and hoping that will come to you to guidance when needed. Obviously we’re not at the latter stage yet but it did make me realise how far she’s come. She’s almost five. Five. How did that happen? And she is taking charge of her own appearance, shaping her own personality and following her own interests. And it’s amazing to watch. But also made me slightly sad and nostalgic for the few years that have already gone. It’s true what they say, children really do grow up so fast. I feel like it’s been barely any time since she was a toddler and not much longer since she was a baby. But she’s neither now. She’s a little girl, a child. And a pretty awesome one at that!

So here’s to the future, to watching them grow and become their own people.  A bittersweet journey but one that I’m thoroughly glad to be taking.


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