Inspired to…organise?!

Who knew it; apparently whilst spring is the time for cleaning, summer appears to be the time for organising. I have read several posts recently on other blogs about organising or that have inspired me to get my organisational head on. Although the ones I read were about specific subjects (printing and storing photos, sorting out home ed files in preparation for September, detailing the contents of the nature study bags she made her kids), I’m taking a more general, holistic approach to get me out of my summer slump.

First things first. Dan has given me his old phone and I deliberately didn’t install the Facebook app onto it and have limited myself to checking the site only briefly in the evenings when the kids are asleep. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m proud to say that it’s been successful. I’ve spent less time looking at my phone when around the kids and wasted a whole lot less time scrolling through useless newsfeed updates.

Secondly, (and boringly) I’m making an effort to keep housework in check, especially garden jobs like watering and cleaning out the chickens. A little, often, works better for me than having a meltdown once a fortnight when I realise the house is disgusting and go on a mad cleaning binge. I’m also trying to get on with knitting projects and get Isaac’s scrapbook finally made.

Thirdly, I’m trying to bring some order/structure/rhythm (call it whatever you like) to our weeks in preparation for September. I’m researching curriculum or lesson ideas, trying to plan a weekly manageable routine that we’ll stick to and trying my hardest to remind Sophia to practice her violin regularly! !

The aim of all of this for me, is to create a more harmonious and productive environment for us all to thrive in. I’m trying to be less of a shouty, irritable Mum (inspired by “Homeschooling with a meek and quiet spirit”) and our mantra of the last few weeks has become ‘talk with love’…a concept my 4 year old is mightily struggling with (preferring ‘scream and shout at anyone who crosses your path’)!

But I’m hoping that come September we’ll have a bit more of a routine (which Sophia and I both desperately need!), a mostly cleaner and tidier home environment and will all be calmer, happier and better at communicating with each other.

Has the summer holidays prompted you to start any new projects or finish uncompleted ones? Or are you just enjoying the gorgeous weather and freedom that August brings?


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