Relinquishing Control

The kids and I spent this morning making an aquarium (courtesy of Uncle Charlie-thank you!) and over the course of the morning I realised what a control freak I am. This will come with a certain amount of eye rolling from people who know me,  even in the most casual sense. But although I am aware of trait I was reminded again of the importance of being able to let go and not let my controlling tendencies spoil the moment. In this case it was mess, things being cut out neatly, longing for decoration that was more than scribbles.


But as Dan quietly remarked, the fun is in letting them do it. And I’m so glad that I was chilled enough to let them go hell for leather, to let Sophia cut out the shapes herself, to let Isaac spread glue everywhere, to let the floor become covered in sticky sequins. Because they had so much fun and are really proud with the result of their joint efforts.

It was another timely reminder to me of the importance of letting go and of embracing the chaos that children bring. It doesn’t come easily to me. I don’t relish messy play and have been known to tidy away toys even as a game is still in progress. But I’m working on it. So what if I didn’t get the hoovering done and the bathrooms cleaned? It’ll get done later or tomorrow when the kids are busy playing off together in a rare (but becoming more often) glimpse of sibling harmony.

And when I do manage to relax and allow myself to be immersed in the moment, regardless of mess or the putting off of chores, we’re all happier. And that’s the most important thing right?


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