Pregnancy Diary: 13 weeks

I am 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

It kind of feels like I’m right at the start of it all still but actually, am over 3 months in so it’s not really. Plus a noticeable bump is starting to emerge that begs to differ.


(Please excuse the post work out shots!)

According to baby centre, baby is now 6.7cm long and amazingly (I never knew this before!) has developed sucking muscles in it’s cheeks so if I prod my belly apparently they might feel it and start to root. Crazy huh!

First trimester is almost over and I’m definitely feeling it. The nausea has gone and my appetite has returned. I’m still exhausted but that’s due to various Isaac related reasons. Yawn. Bring on the energy boost that second trimester apparently brings!

Just a short one today as I’m tired and still need to mop the floor that has been the victim of a lot of ‘not making it to the toilet’ incidents. I promise I’ll blog about something other than pregnancy and babies before next week as well (perhaps our home ed sports day which happened today and in case I forget to mention it…Sophia came first in the under 5’s running race and the all age three legged race. She was very proud of herself. Isaac refused to do anything…)


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