Thoughts on summer

I have a confession to make…the break in the gorgeous summer we’ve been having is my fault. I was talking to Dan a few weeks ago about how really, I’d had enough of the sweltering sunshine and that I’d quite like the temperature to drop and for some rain. I know, I know, shoot me now. And I take it back, bring back the sun….please?!

What I think I’d really had enough of was the ridiculous guilt that was consuming me that we weren’t doing enough outside, that we hadn’t been to the beach enough, that I wasn’t making the absolute most of the good weather. Pretty silly huh?! And slightly unfounded as well as we’ve had several wild swimming trips, afternoons on Dartmoor, a beach side break in Wales and numerous days spent outside either in our garden or out and about with friends.



I think,  possibly,  that I might overthink things and have unrealistic expectations. With a nasty bug that hit us all over the course of three weeks and pregnancy tiredness,  this summer hasn’t been quite as sand and water filled or as idyllic as I’d envisaged. But I guess that’s a good life lesson. Normal life doesn’t pause for three months over summer and probably just as well,  we’d have an awful lot to catch up on if it did! I guess the key for me, at least, is to take each day as it comes, do exciting summery things when we can but not to worry or beat myself up if we spend the whole day inside when it’s 26 degrees outside because we’re all tired.

What’s your attitude towards summer? Are you a planner with a list of places to go and things to see or do you relax, chuck everything out the window and just enjoy lazy days and long warm evenings?



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