Pregnancy Diary: 16 weeks

Today I am exactly 16 weeks pregnant (got a bit confused on dates but pretty sure I’ve got it right now).



Apologies for missing the last two weeks, I actually started writing last week’s but we were away in Brighton for our friend’s wedding and were kept pretty busy!

Today the lady in the post office appeared shocked that I was pregnant and said I had no bump. I wss surprised as I think there is a definite growth. I guess perception is in the eye of the beholder (I hope that makes sense, it’s late and I’m waiting for jam to set)!

So apparently, by now, baby is 10cm and might have started playing with the umbilical cord. I find that so strange, that they can interact with their surroundings at such an early gestation. Amazing!

I am feeling so so much better now I’m firmly in the second trimester, taking my iron (bloods showed I was slightly anaemic….no surprise there) and finally getting some sleep. Isaac is sleeping much better, no one is ill and it’s not so hot.

I’m finding that I’m really too busy with the sprogs to engage massively with this pregnancy (hence these boring posts!) In a way it’s a good thing though, I think in both my subsequent pregnancies I was a bit obsessed and unable to actually be fully present. Having said that, I am looking forward to feeling the baby move regularly, this stage of pregnancy is odd…you know you’re pregnant, have seen baby on scan, heard heartbeat at midwife appointments but when away from that environment the only sign of life inside is a slightly swollen belly. It’s a bit surreal. But I’m in no rush, am going to actually try and be patient this time and get on with the business of day to day life and enjoying it.


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