A (non) milestone

My news feed on facebook today has been full of pictures of friends’ children, smiling for the camera, dressed proudly in school uniform, ready for their first day at school. In a bit of a contrasting damp squib moment, Sophia spent the day with Isaac and me at my Mum’s, reading books, dressing up, squabbling, catching crabs and making fudge. We’ve had a lovely day but not quite the momentous first day at school experienced by many of her peers today. image

Not that she minds (and I don’t really either). I think we’re both looking forward to the ‘not-back-to-school’ home ed picnic on Monday, our home education groups restarting after the summer break and as Sophia puts it, having a timetable. By this, she is referring to us starting the Wee Folk Art ‘curriculum’ that I mentioned in a previous post. It’s a very gentle approach, we’re going to do it over 3 days a week, have 2 days ‘off’ for groups and getting out and about and hopefully will be manageable as I get more pregnant and then busy with a new tiny one in the Spring.

There isn’t much point to this post, I just wanted to mark what could have been a milestone in some way. It’s a funny feeling, diverting from the mainstream path so dramatically. Although some of our early parenting choices may have put us in the minority (breastfeeding past a year, babywearing, co sleeping), choosing to home educate feels like a completely different ballpark. We’re embarking on a journey that less than 1% of parents in the UK have chosen to take.

But, we are not alone. We are part of a thriving community and have friends that home educate scattered all over Mid and South Devon. And that is what makes it, not a potentially isolating, but an exciting and enriching experience, not just for Sophia and Isaac, but the whole family. So I enter this school year looking forward to what it holds and to being able to be an active part of Sophia’s education and most importantly, without a hint of regret.

I’ll stop rambling now but just leave you with a lovely photo of crabbing during Dartmouth Regatta with some of our further flung friends. We were delighted to have the newlyweds and their girls to visit last week and look forward to seeing them again soon-congrats Matt and Jo, we love you guys!


One thought on “A (non) milestone

  1. Reuben starts at school tomorrow and that’s also bittersweet. I know he’ll be fine but he seems so young, and I’m not as confident in my beliefs as you to homeschool… not yet anyway! Enjoy having them at home while you can, I’ve loved the holidays and spending time with my two, but have achieved very little myself, and haven’t taught them much either! Congrats on no 3 by the way 🙂 Hazel x

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