Pregnancy Diary: 18 weeks

Today I am 18 weeks pregnant. (Sorry I missed a week, been slightly preoccupied but more of that in another post, another day)



I feel very bumpy this week! Have also started to feel those familiar faint flutterings, so exciting but then gone before you know it. I’m looking forward to them being stronger and more often, a good reminder that there is indeed a baby in there, doing it’s thing.

Apparently baby is now 12cm long and his/her ears are in their final place and should be working soon. We have the scan in a few weeks but as before are opting out of finding the gender, much to Sophia’s annoyance. But as we said to her, there are so few surprises left in the world, why not wait?!

I’m feeling possibly the best I have yet in pregnancy this week. Have restarted the exercise and healthy eating after a few weeks slacking so I’m attributing it to that. I am getting frustrated by the conflicting information on what weightlifting exercises I can and cannot do though. I know not to do anything lying on my back and that I can’t do exercises that involve lifting weights over my head but one source says to continue abdominal exercises and another says not to, one says squats are an absolute no and another says to avoid lower back exercises. ARGH! Any knowledgeable folk out there that know the real skinny, please enlighten me! Am just being sensible and sticking to chest, shoulder, arms, upper back and leg exercises and light cardio for now whilst I research further.

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