Pregnancy Diary: 20 weeks

Today I am 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant.


Baby is apparently now 26cm long and steadily gaining weight. If I remember correctly most of the ‘important’ stuff has developed by now and the main object of the next 20 weeks is to gain weight and mature organs…etc. I find this reassuring to think of when articles about miracle 23/24 week babies pop up in my newsfeed. God willing this won’t be a situation we have to face but I’m much more aware of these kind of stories than in previous pregnancies and cannot imagine the heartbreak of those families and the agonies they encounter. I think it’s important to be able to talk about these things and the fact that not all pregnancies and births are smooth and trouble free. I don’t feel as if I have any right to talk on the subject but I don’t want to remain silent.

I feel like my belly has really popped put this week, I know it’s silly but I feel properly pregnant now! I can also feel baby moving nearly every time I sit down for more than a few minutes which I love although if it’s just as wiggly as Sophia and Isaac I might be in trouble, was hoping for a chilled out child this time! (I jest, of course)

Up until today I’ve been feeling great the last few weeks, been eating well and exercising and had loads of energy. I’ve had mild acid reflux but managing to keep it at bay. Unfortunately today we had a bit of an epic journey to forest school which included over a mile walk at 7.30am (most of it with Isaac on my shoulders), two buses and a walk the other end. On our return we were saved one of the walks and buses by a lift from a kind fellow forest schooler but still had the mega walk from Thorverton up to home. I was pottering in the kitchen upon my return and trying to decipher what was bothering me before zeroing in on the familiar burning ligament pain in my pelvis which plagued me during the third trimester of my last two pregnancies…the SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) is back. Urgh. I’ve had heat on it which has helped but the pain hasn’t eased. I’m massively fed up that I’ve got it so early this time. I know I could have it a lot worse but it’s still blooming uncomfortable…and inconvenient! My acid reflux was especially bad this evening after some homemade tomato soup so feeling a bit sorry for myself, apologies!

Scan should be this week but due to car issues I had to rebook it for 21 weeks so I’ll have to wait to see the wriggling bean in action! Watch this space!


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