We’re going home!

So, in less that a month we will be leaving this…


View from our front door

and moving to this…


View of our new front door

We must be mad eh?!

But the new house is in Topsham and that pretty much changes everything.

We’ve been only at the beautiful Old Apple Barn 7 months so this could be the record for our shortest time in one place but at the end of the October we’ll be completing our 5th move in as many years. Itchy feet much!

In all seriousness though, a sequence of boring events preceded this decision (new baby on the horizon, rent being raised, my car breaking without reasonable repair) but what is boils down to is that for us, right now, in the great battle of being in the country vs in the community, the community wins out.

Whilst we love living rurally and the benefits it brings, we really miss living in a community with friends, good transport links and amenities within a stones throw. Every time I go back to Topsham (at least once a week for dancing) I feel like we shouldn’t have left, I see half a dozen people I want to catch up with and feel sad when the time comes to leave. So although we will miss our big country garden, the chickens, the uninterrupted view of rolling hills, the peace and quiet and the woodburner we think that they are sacrifices worth making.

I’m so excited to have so many good friends nearby, to be able to actually walk places with the kids, to be part of our local community again. Especially with the arrival of the new baby come February, I know having that support structure is going to be invaluable. And being minutes from the train station means that car-less friends have no excuse not to visit! It’s going to be great!

We have loved living here, it’s felt like an extended holiday-this is the kind of house we used to look at renting for a week. And I think that living rurally is something that Dan and I might return to in the future (if we don’t end up back on a boat) but right now, Topsham is where we want to be.

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