Pregnancy Diary: 21 weeks

Today I am 21 weeks and 4 days pregnant.



Baby is apparently 27cm long and it’s eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed. I love these facts, they’re so cool!

What was even cooler today was having my 20 week scan (a bit late, ahem). We were in there for a good 30/40 minutes as baby was being awkward in positioning so I got leant backwards and throughly prodded with the ultrasound ‘probe'(?) until she was happy with all the measurements and things checked. I love seeing the bones and knuckles and little nose, makes it all feel so real, can’t believe am over half way there already! As promised we didn’t find out the gender (although I did have a sneaky peek I couldn’t decipher that area either way) so I guess we’ll find out come February.

Feeling alright really, SPD plays up daily but is still manageable wit heat and rest if I take it easy. Acid reflux is a real pain but I know to avoid tomatoes and sugar and have a gigantic jar of gaviscon when needed! Dan and the kids have just about felt some kicking which makes me happy, good way for the kids to engage with their new sibling. Isaac especially is talking to stare at and seek out babies and talk about it a lot which is nice.

It’s a nice stage of pregnancy, this middle one. Am trying to not wish it away and really enjoy each day as it comes as it probably will be the last time I’m pregnant.


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