Pregnancy Diary: 24 weeks

Today I am 24 weeks and 6 days pregnant.



24 weeks feels like a milestone so although it has been a busy few weeks with moving (more on that later), I was determined to record this week and I just about got it done in time!

By now baby is apparently around 30cm long (a ruler’s length!), his or her tastebuds are fully developed and lungs are making cells that will produce surfactant, the substance that will help their lungs inflate after birth.

It feels like a milestone as generally, 24 weeks is the earliest a baby can survive if they decide to try and meet the outside world before their allotted cooking time is up. I know it sounds a bit odd but during this pregnancy I’ve been much more aware of the fragility of pregnancy, birth and babies than I have in the past two. Every day is a blessing and I pray that come February, there’ll be a healthy, happy, small addition to our family.

This week I’ve been sore and in a bit of pain. This is largely my own fault for not getting enough rest during the move but I find it impossible the sit and watch whilst Dan and friends pack and move around me! Thankfully, tomorrow should see the end of it and I can slowly  unpack and  let my body recover.

I’m going to leave this short and sweet as….to be honest, I’m exhausted! But I’ll make time at the weekend to sit down and tell you all about the move. Until then, take care .

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