Home Sweet Home

Between birth and turning 18 I moved house 7 times. Since then I have moved a further 7 (I think). That means on average I’ve moved once every two years since arriving in this world. Of course that’s not actually been the case as I’ve stayed longer in some places and much shorter in others. But the point is, I’ve moved a lot.

So on the completion of our most recent move it’s got me pondering about what home means to me. I’ve obviously been lacking a strong attachment to any one place and have inherited the Watson gene of eternal optimism and seeing the good in every situation (and therefore, every move). This combination means that up until now, I have had no strong desire to settle down, plant roots and stay put. But maybe I was just waiting for the right place?

Because almost as soon as our furniture and boxes were brought into this new (slightly run down) house, I’ve felt like we’re back at home. The idea of living anywhere else for the foreseeable future is one I really dislike. For better or worse (though I suspect the former), I’ve found a home in Topsham. We all have.

I can’t quite tell you exactly what it is about the town that fits us so well, it’s a combination of factors really. It’s small enough to get to know your neighbours and local community but big enough to have good transport links and utilities like the parks, pubs, independent shops, library and swimming pool. It’s next to the river and not far from some lovely beaches and Dartmoor. And probably most importantly, all four of us have made some really good friends here. Friends that we’ve still seen during our brief time away in Thorverton but who we’ve missed and who we’re looking forward to seeing much more of now we’re back.

So although we have most definitely downsized from the beautifully converted and spacious barn with huge gardens and views over rolling hills to a small three bed mid terrace in need of some TLC and in possession of a small concrete garden, we have no regrets. We felt almost instantly settled again and like we’d never left. I’m not saying we’ll stay here forever, only God knows what our future holds. But for now, we’re exactly where we want to be.

It’s good to be home.

(I can’t talk about moving though without giving a HUGE public thank you to Jo and Matt for sacrificing their half term and precious family time to drive four hours along the coast and work insanely hard with Dan to move us back to Topsham. We bloody love you guys!)


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