Pregnancy Diary: 30 weeks

Today I am 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Baby is apparently now 39cm long, can probably see what’s going on in the uterus around it and has eyelashes and eyebrows. If I remember correctly, most critical development has taken place and the emphasis for the last 10 weeks is on weight gain.

I have mostly been feeling pretty tired and worn out this last week. I don’t think it’s all pregnancy related though, I’ve been going to bed too late, Isaac has been waking a lot and I’ve been a bit stressed about Christmas/Sophia’s party which I think is taking a physical toll. Acid reflux is getting worse, I’m almost at the chugging gaviscon from the bottle stage!!

But I don’t mean to come across negatively so something positive… my SPD has been much much better, almost non existent in the last few weeks. I think this is due to continuing my weight training. I’ve been lifting three times a week still and I think it’s keeping my core and muscles strong enough to battle the SPD which is great. I haven’t had to do the self referral for physio and I don’t see any reason why I won’t be able to continue lifting until much nearer the due date so hopefully it’ll continue that way!

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