My wonderfully weird, beautiful, caring, funny live wire of a little girl is five. Five. Madness. How can it be possible for her to go from this…

baby sophia

to this…

big sophia

in what seems to be no time at all?!

I know I have probably said it every year but five seems to be a real milestone; halfway to ten, officially school age, properly and absolutely without a doubt out of the early ‘kinder’ years and into the bulk of real childhood. And man do we know it!

This little lady surprises me every day, with her humour, her insight, her questions, her thoughtfulness, her thirst for learning, her determination and her incredible memory at retaining information. Every day is simultaneously a challenge and a joy with her. She’s a real spark and rockets from extreme happiness to extreme woe in the blink of an eye but then recovers in a nanosecond. She can sometimes come across as being in her own head but deep down is one of the most caring children I know, she can’t bear for anyone she loves to be unhappy or hurt.

She is still absolutely sure without a doubt that she will be a chef when she ‘grows up’ and has ramped up her helping me in the kitchen this week after being inspired by some cooking related gifts she received at her party. On Sunday I was amazed at her quickness to pick up skills when she peeled a kilo of spuds in no time at all! Along with her obsession with cooking she loves to create; she loves to sew, is desperate to learn to knit and eager to try her hand at any craft on offer. She’s a bookworm in the making, always picking up new words, trying new books and writing a lot during her games. Yesterday she covered the house in post it notes with the word ‘stop’ on them. Apparently they were a health and safety measure but I’m still not quite sure I got it!

Just like me, she is an absolute chatterbox and doesn’t stop talking from the moment she wakes to the moment her head hits the pillow at night. Sometimes I can get frustrated with this but a) I have no justification in doing so as I do the same to everyone around me (!) and b) it’s great that she loves to communicate so thoroughly with those around her.

I know every parent would say this about their own child but she really is one of a kind, an absolutely amazing, fantastic, surprising and gorgeous daughter, a real pleasure to be around.

So Happy Birthday  Sophia, hope you’ve had a great day. We love you!


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