Pregnancy Diary: 32 weeks

Today I am 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant.


Baby is now apparently 42cm long and his or her skin will be getting less wrinkly as they will be putting on a third to half of their birth weight in the next seven weeks..what a fatty! 😉 According to the baby centre update for this week I’m likely to put on around 450g a week from this point on. Must make sure am continuing to eat healthily I think if I’m going to be after some extra calories (though maybe I’ll wait until afer Christmas to start in earnest!)

Apologies for missing the 31 weeks update. A combination of having already blogged about my jaunt to the labour ward, Sophia’s birthday and then going to Dan’s parents for a long weekend meant that I didn’t think it was necessary and didn’t really have time!

We had a lovely time away; spending time with the Durdin contingent is always fun and this time was no different. Isaac was especially sad to leave them behind as we left this morning. We mostly just relaxed, pottered around the house, did crafts and games with the kids then yesterday headed to Horsell Common to see where the aliens landed before going on to Woking to visit the metal alien and the big man in red. Both of these attractions were met with excitement but I think the aliens might have slightly won out for Isaac! (For those wondering, I’m referring to War of the Worlds as H G Wells based his famous book in the area).

My acid reflux has been much better the last few days. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been avoiding foods that set it off or because the baby has moved down slightly but either way, it’s been more manageable. Bit sad at the prospect of a Christmas with minimal mince pies and chocolates though! My SPD however has flared up as I haven’t lifted weights since Tuesday. I’m hoping a session tonight and then a warm bath will get me back on track and keep it at bay once more.

Other than that, bump and I are both well and had no more oddness since our scare the other week which is ace and I’m hoping it’ll stay that way now until February!

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