Hello New Year

A very lethargic but heartfelt Happy New Year from all of us to anyone out there reading this!

Wishing you all a 2015 that finds you healthy, happy and having some wild and wonderful adventures (if that’s your cup of tea…if not, some comfortable and calm experiences)!

After not much sleep (for a variety of reasons) we braved the outdoor swimming pool in Topsham for a New Years Day swim this morning and I for one, am very glad we did! The water was warm, the giggles from small people were plentiful and it was the perfect way to both wake up and start the new year. I think we’re all excited about the pool reopening after Easter for regular, local, swimming trips.

I’ve long shied away from resolutions but can’t deny that the 1st January seems like a good time to make plans and goals for the year ahead so have some vague thoughts about how I’d like this year to pan out. Although, given that we unexpectedly moved twice in 7 months in 2014 and am expecting a third sprog imminently I am well aware that even the best laid plans, as was famously written, gang aft alay.

But in general, I want to try and maintain the lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise that we established last year. I realise that the exercise will be put on pause for a while once bubba arrives but hoping that by the summer I can get back into it.

I’m aware that I struggled having a newborn and toddler when Isaac was born and morphed into an angry shouty person as my way of reacting to the sleep deprivation and challenges of parenting more than one child so my biggest goal for this year is to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Having learnt from my experiences, I know I need to ask for and accept help more often, be kinder to us all, not try to achieve more than is practically possible and not to expect more from the older two than they are capable of. Part of achieving this will also be finding a balance to Sophia’s education that fulfils her desire to learn and do some structured bits with me but also suits life parenting three children aged five and under. I’ve made moves to putting this in place by choosing to not follow the winter curriculum and to have a break from the wee folk art for January and February before restarting with the spring curriculum ‘Bugs and Butterflies’ in March.

A small one is that I’d like to try and get our gardens tidied up, looking nice and perhaps grow a few bits and pieces to continue the kids love of gardening and growing their own.

Finally, I want to make sure that Dan and I still find time for ‘us’ in the haze of newborn madness. Even if this just means a film, bar of chocolate and making an effort to talk about something other than the smalls once a week whilst we have a tiny asleep on us! I do think it’s important to keep our marriage healthy and vibrant, even in what will be such a tiring and turbulent time. After all, we’re the backbone of our family so it’s good to keep it strong!

For those reading this, I’d love to hear what your plans, goals and resolutions for this coming year are. Here’s hoping 2015 is a good one!

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