Pregnancy Diary: 36 weeks

Today I am 36 weeks pregnant.

Apparently baby is now approximately 47cm long and definitely in my case, has descended somewhat freeing up some space at the top of my tummy! Does make for some uncomfortable walking though…

I was asked to have a growth scan last week after I went into hospital with reduced fetal movement (baby was fine, just being a tinker!) and the midwife there measured me small. I uhmmed and ahhed as I have read that growth scans at this point can be pretty inaccurate with quite a large margin of error. In the end I decided to go in so they could check placental function and that the cord wasn’t compressed and decided to just ignore any size predictions. All was fine and in fact, baby plotted right where it should have on my personalised growth chart. My suspicions about the position of the baby were confirmed though, not just head down but incredibly low and engaged (hence the waddling)!

My acid reflux has been better the last few weeks but my SPD is getting worse as a result of bubba being so low! I’m also struggling with tiredness but that’s par for the course I guess! I’m (not so) secretly quite glad that I only have a week left until I’m 37 weeks and therefore, officially at the start of the 5 week period of being term. Having said that though, I’m aware that is probably going to be my last pregnancy so I’m trying to savour these last few weeks and not wish away the final bumpy moments. The kids are getting increasingly excited about their siblings imminent arrival with Isaac predicting that he or she will be around this weekend for his birthday! Hopefully he’s mistaken and I’ll be able to bore you with another diary entry before the Inevitable influx of newborn photos!

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