I can’t quite believe it but our gorgeous small man is now three.  From this…


to this…

In the blink of an eye!

Where to start with Isaac? (It feels weird writing his full name, we all shorten his name to Iss – pronounced Eyes but you can’t really type that as it looks odd. Anyway, I digress). He is at that age where his personality is starting to shine through more and more by the day and man, he’s a character! He is a stubborn, determined little thing, in that respect the complete opposite to his more amenable and easy going big sister. Once he wants to do something, that is all he wants to do and he won’t be easily persuaded away from it. He seems to transfer this trait to his interests and will become obsessed with doing something and nothing else for weeks or months on end (this year it was puzzles, followed by brio and building toys, replaced by colouring and then the current obsession of stickers and aliens. The only constant has been tractors which he adores-he is adamant he’ll be a farmer when grown up and will tell you in detail what he’s going to grow!). He can get quite distraught if things aren’t going his way as he is so single minded but is placated with cuddles.

He lightens up this stubborn streak though by being an absolute joker, a real comedian in the making. He loves to laugh and make people laugh and takes real delight from the joy and happiness of others. His latest joke is to pretend to be an alien that loves carrots, words would never do justice to how funny this is to witness! He likes to rough and tumble with Dan possibly more than anything else, loves to climb, to run, to be outdoors, to be racing and exploring.

He can be quite a sensitive little chap, he’s not a massive fan of big groups of people (hence the tiny party yesterday which he loved) and is happiest with Dan, myself, the Grandparents or a select few close friends of ours. Having said that he’s recently become much more confident with strangers and says hello to everyone we pass in the street or encounter in the shops (much to Sophia’s bemusement)! He’s got a heart of gold and gets genuinely concerned if people are sad, hurt or cross asking ‘you better now?’ ‘Are you happy again now?’ until he gets an affirmative answer. He’s very much looking forward to the baby and talks about him/her daily and what the baby will be able to do and how he’ll be able to help and cuddle them.

He’s also developing a slight control freak/planning side to him (don’t know where he gets that from 😉 ) and asks every night before bed what we are doing the next day. I sympathise for my Mum now as I apparently was similar as a young child!

I know I said the same about Sophia last month but he is a real joy to be around, every day is an adventure, sometimes challenging but guaranteed to be sprinkled liberally with lots of laughter and cuddles. I feel blessed and privileged to have him as my son and to be able to spend my days watching him grow and learn.

And so I guess that leaves me with nothing more to say but Happy Birthday little man, we love you!


He still wants to be a 'tractor boy' when he grows up!

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