Pregnancy Diary: 40 weeks

Today I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant.


Baby is now on average 51 cm long and is ready for life outside the womb, he or she will be able to find their thumb and suck it, much as they’ll be able to root for milk once they’re skinside. In theory he or she will be shedding vernix (the greasy substance that has covered their skin in utero) from this point but I’ve heard plenty of anecdotal stories of ‘late’ babies arriving still covered in the stuff. I meant to say much earlier that I’ve been pulling these facts from each week, not just thin air! Very bad form on my part for not referencing them each time though so my sincere apologies for that.

I also need to apologise for posting this on Valentine’s Day, not the most romantic post but maybe it’ll give you some light relief from a newsfeed chockablock with pictures of roses, chocolates and peoples declarations of undying love for their spouses. (I managed a card for Dan and he took the kids out for the afternoon so I could rest, that’s love for ya 😉 )

I realise I missed posting during 39 weeks completely. That was partly on purpose, both Isaac and Sophia arrived at 39 weeks and 5 days (as I’ve mentioned before) so I arrogantly assumed this one would be the same or earlier I think so kept thinking I wouldn’t need to do another pregnancy post. It was also partly because this baby is a complete tease and I’ve had a lot of stop start contractions and niggles so kept thinking I was in early labour so there wasn’t any point in posting.

As it is, I’m still pregnant for now. I’m swinging wildly between thinking birth is very imminent and that the baby is staying inside forever. Somewhere in between the two obviously being the case! It’s odd having gone past my ‘due date’, although we all know that it is a fairly arbitrary date in the 5 weeks of being considered term. I read a reassuring article on the BBC this week which says that only 4% of woman deliver on their due date, 60% in the two weeks either side and goes on to encourage us to stop placing so much emphasis on one date. I was already in this school or thought but especially now, it was nice to read!

So not much else to say I’m afraid. Standard end of pregnancy symptoms here, feeling tired and heavy, more (practise) contractions..etc..etc But the excitement and anticipation is also mounting in the whole family…each morning Sophia is disappointed that the baby hasn’t been born in the night! But I’d better leave you all to your romantic evenings and go and spend time with the husbot, before another gorgeous ting person arrives and steals our attention!

Be well, big love to you all!

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